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"Discovering EMS training was a game-changer for me after an injury severely disrupted my usual exercise routine. It not only kept my muscles strong and body active, but also boosted my mental and physical well-being. That's why I founded Exolt EMS Studio – to bring this transformative technology to Australia and help others who, like me, faced obstacles in maintaining their active lifestyles. Let's embrace a new path to fitness together!"

Sigrid Chambers


Summer Wellness 8-Week Program Overview

EMS Training Sessions

1 x 20min strength EMS workout per week

  • Engage in efficient and effective EMS training sessions, tailored to your fitness level and goals.

  • Experience full-body muscle engagement and increased calorie burn, accelerating your progress.

Personalised Nutrition Support

Weekly Nutrition Targets and Guides

  • Receive personalised nutrition goals and guidance.

  • Layer healthy nutrition habits into your daily routine as the challenge progresses,

  • Learn how to make healthier choices that align with your fitness objectives.

Medical Grade Body Scanning

  • Regularly track your progress with our medical grade body composition scanner to monitor changes in hydration, muscle mass and fat percentage.

  • Gain valuable insights into your body's transformation, making informed adjustments to your fitness and nutrition plan.

Daily Aerobic Challenges

Daily movement goals

  • Embrace daily aerobic challenges that elevate your heart rate and boost cardiovascular fitness.

  • Feel the benefits of moving and enhancing blood flow daily.

Health Challenges

Healthy habit formation and stacking

  • Learn practical strategies to enhance your sleep patterns and maximise recovery for better results.

  • Engage in a structured program designed to help you reduce sugar intake and break unhealthy cravings.

  • Complete simple health checks to assess your overall wellness and identify potential areas of risk.

Community & Support

Join our community online and in person

  • Join a supportive and motivating community of like-minded individuals committed to their fitness goals.

  • Benefit from accountability, encouragement, and shared experiences that foster a sense of belonging.

Benefits & Results

Body Re-Composition

Our past 8-week challengers, on average, have seen a 2-3% increase in muscle mass and 3-5% derease in fat mass

Weight Loss

Our past 8-week challengers, on average, lost 4-6kg

Increased Energy & Strength

Our past 8-week challengers have all reported improved energy and strength levels.


8-week Program

Hit December Feeling & Looking Your Best

Pricing Information

Both group and personal options come with 2 x FREE Introductory sessions completed before the program commences.


Programs are run out of the Exolt Drummoyne and Neutral Bay studios.

Payment Options include weekly direct debit or upfront payment

Upfront payments receive a 5% discount for the full program

The Exolt Difference


EMS training efficiently activates muscles with targeted intensity, delivering in 20 minutes what traditional workouts achieve in hours.


EMS training offers a joint-friendly solution by engaging muscles directly, reducing strain on joints while delivering results comparable to traditional weight training. It's a gentle path to strength and fitness.


Whether you're an exercise connoisseur or just starting out, our vibrant community is here to uplift and inspire. Say goodbye to crop tops and bike shorts, complicated machines, and overcrowded classes. Embrace a place where everyone's journey is celebrated, and progress is personal. Join us today and experience fitness in its most welcoming form!

Benefits of EMS Training


With its high-intensity nature, EMS delivers the results of 3-4hours of training in just 20 minutes.

Enhanced Fat Burning

EMS training stimulates metabolism and fat oxidation, aiding in both weight loss and long-term weight management.

Improved Posture & Core Strength

EMS helps activate deeper muscles responsible for maintaining good posture, leading to improved spinal alignment and core strength.

Joint-Friendly Workouts

Unlike traditional weight training, EMS places minimal stress on joints, making it an ideal option for individuals with joint sensitivities or past injuries.

Customised to All Fitness Levels

From beginners to fitness enthusiasts, EMS training can be tailored to individual fitness levels, ensuring a safe and effective workout for everyone.

Cellulite Reduction

Experience the added bonus of cellulite reduction through EMS training, as increased circulation and muscle activation contribute to smoothing and toning your skin's appearance.

This studio is more than just a place to exercise, it’s a community. Sigrid and Bec are awesome and you know that they are with you all the way on your wellness journey - whether that be to loose weight, increase strength or regain your energy. I have been given guidance by the team about how to look at my health holistically and that is really important to me as I can get really stuck on what the scales are telling me. I came to the studio not knowing how dehydrated I was and I am within normal levels now thanks to tracking my progress through their body scans. I have also gained a couple kilos of muscle and, yes, I have lost fat too! I feel better than I have in quite some time. I’m a really happy customer. If you are looking for a place to train that cares about your wellness journey, I could not recommend Exolt enough!" - Nichol Plumbe

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Try us now with a 2-Week Trial Pack

Get access to 2 x Personal EMS training sessions so you can get accustomed with our style and get a full understanding of EMS and how it works. Then get to know our community with 2 x Small Group EMS training sessions (max 4 per group).


EMS training is at our core and we are passionate about our technology’s wide range of applications and its ability to enhance outcome. By combining our EMS technology, our systems, and our people we have created a holistic approach to health and wellness that is beneficial for all fitness levels, abilities, and ages.



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